Mr. Lewis’s Hidden Sinner Wife

"I have a secret deep down in my heart: I have loved Sean for ten years. When I was young, I love him at first sight. When I grew up, I finally became his wife. But he never once loved me. "




Chapter 1 she is pregnant.He asked for a divorce

In the bathroom came the sound of water as Sean was taking a shower.

Nancy covered the quilt and got up. Thinking of what had happened last night, she blushed.

Although they were already married, she still felt very shy every time they had intercourse.

The sound of water stopped. Sean walked out with a bath towel around him.

She handed the clothes to him, saying, “Breakfast’s ready. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”


After going downstairs, Nancy carefully took out the cake from the fridge and placed it in the middle of the table.

She clenched the pregnancy report, heart beating fast because of nervousness.

Today was the second anniversary of their marriage. Nancy was nervous and expectant to tell him about her pregnancy.

Sean came downstairs after getting dressed. In a tailored black suit, he looked elegant and charming.

After breakfast, Nancy grabbed the report in her hand, taking a deep breath and saying nervously, “Sean, I have something to tell you.”

“Well, me too.”

“Then you first.”

Sean stood up, taking out a document from the drawer and slowly handing it to Nancy with his slender fingers.

“This is the divorce paper. Take some time to read it.”

Nancy hadn’t expected that. She struggled to keep herself from falling.

She took a deep breath, air in her mouth as painful as a knife.

He said the divorce paper?

Nancy’s mind went blank. After a long time, she finally asked him blankly.

“Are you going to divorce me?”


His voice was very light.

Nancy held the pregnancy report, wanting to ask him if there was an alternative.

What if we have a child?

Will you give it another thought?

The next moment, his voice came, “Diana Foster is back, so I want to end our marriage in advance. We agreed on a time limit of three years, but now let’s end it one year earlier as the situation has changed.”

“I know it’s a little hasty. You can have a look at this draft paper first. You can ask for anything. As long as it’s not egregious, I will satisfy you.”

Nancy’s mind went blank. “Alright, I’ll look at it later.”

She put her hands behind her back, gripping the pregnancy report tightly.

She knew there was no need to take it out.

“I have one more thing to ask you.” said Sean.

Nancy clenched her hands, her head raised, and smiled at him, saying, “What is it? I’ll help you as long as I can.”

“You talk to grandfather about the divorce. He won’t agree if I do.”

“Alright, I know.”

She had been an ordinary girl, and her family was even more ordinary. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a gambler.

Such a family was no match for the Lewis family.

Now she had access to the family just because Sean’s grandfather and father had suffered heart attacks in a car accident, which was plotted by business opponents.

Her mother happened to pass by and saved them warm-heartedly.

Many years later, her mother got cancer and passed away. Since her father was a gambler, her mother was worried about her, so she contacted the Lewis family, asking them to help take care of her lonely daughter.

Lewis’s grandfather decided to betroth her to Sean when she graduated.

At that time, Sean said, “I can marry you, but my heart belongs to another woman. Our marriage will last for three years. Three years later, you should talk to grandfather about our divorce. We won’t interfere with each other.”

She fought down his sadness and hid all her feelings.

She replied indifferently, “I know. My heart also belongs to another man. As soon as the contractual marriage ends, I will keep my promise and leave voluntarily.”

After getting married, he had fulfilled all his responsibilities as a husband;

He loved her, pampered her and protected her. He treated her very well.

All their friends knew that she was the apple of Sean’s eye. Whoever made her unhappy would be revenged by Sean. Everyone envied her for marrying a good man.

However, only Nancy knew that he didn’t marry her out of love. Their marriage was just a contract.

What this man had done for her had nothing to do with love. It was just an obligation. The only thing he loved was her body.

The deal was three years. But now since the woman he really loved has returned, it’s time for her to exit.

Nancy bent over to pick up the divorce paper on the table

She lost her appetite. When she was about to go back to her room, Sean suddenly pulled out his tie and stopped her.

“When you mentioned divorce, grandfather would definitely ask the reason. When we got married, you said that you had a crush on someone for many years. Now I set you free, and you can go to find him and pursue your happiness. It is a reason grandfather can’t refuse even if he doesn’t agree.”

Nancy nodded, “yes, I will tell grandfather in this way.”

After saying that, she couldn’t wait to go back. If she stayed any longer, she was afraid that she would regret and tell him, “Sean, I don’t want to get divorced.”

Sean suddenly stretched out his hand. Afraid that he would find out what was in his hand, Nancy retreated.

Seeing that, Sean became even more worried. He held her hand, asking, “You don’t look too good. Are you uncomfortable?”

"No." Nancy shook off his hand in a hurry.

"We have been married for two years, and I know that you’re lying" Sean's eyes darkened.

Nancy finally gave in, saying, "Nothing serious. It's just that my period started."

"You’d better have a good rest."

After saying that, Sean suddenly glanced at her tightly clenched right hand and asked in a low voice, "What's in your hand? Why are you holding it so tightly?"

Nancy immediately threw the report into the trash as if it was a hot potato. She managed a little smile and said, “It's nothing but trash. I forgot to throw it away."

He wouldn't know how much her heart hurt.

It was as if someone was holding an ax knife and splitting her heart into two, making her heart bloody and badly mutilated.

She held the broken heart and was overwhelmed with pain.

"Sean, Sean..." Nancy whispered in her heart, "What makes this relationship break up?"

When she married him, she almost kept all eggs in one basket.

But now his departure was too sloppy and desolate.

"Nancy, how silly are you! You lost the bet in the end. He never loves you."

Seeing that she was a little weak and staggered, Sean picked her up without thinking.

Nancy was stunned and immediately said, “Let go of me. I'll go back by myself.”

"Please don't pretend to be strong."

Sean's gentle and charming voice rang in her ears.

It was the voice she had listened to for two years, the voice she had been obsessed with for two years. But now he would leave her.

Nancy blinked, unable to hold back her tears.

Sean laughed at her, "Since you're not a little girl anymore, don’t cry because of your period. I'll call the doctor to check on you later."

"I'm not crying," Nancy said stubbornly.

He was such a fool.

He had no idea what she was crying for.

"Alright. Not crying." Sean compromised

"Can you tell me who he is?" He asked suddenly.

Nancy was confused, "who?"

"You said that you had loved a man for many years? I wonder who was lucky enough to keep you thinking about for so long." said Sean.



Chapter 2 I have loved you for ten years


Nancy felt a sharp pain in her heart.

She clenched her hands, saying lightly, "Never mind. He has fallen in love with another woman and is about to remarry.”

"Remarry? He has been married?"

This answer surprised Sean.

They had been married for two years, but he was no match for a married man in her heart.

Nancy nodded slightly, saying, "Yes. He was forced by his family to marry someone he didn't love before. Now his beloved girl has come back. They are about to get married."

After hearing that, Sean was very angry.

"He is a playboy. He ruined two girls at the same time. Such a man doesn't deserve your love. You’ll be happier if love another man."

Nancy nodded, "I think so."

But what should she do?

So far, she had loved him for ten years.

Ten years, almost equal to her entire youth.

She couldn't love another man. If she could, she would have already done.

The love could never be pulled out once it took root and sprouted.

"Sean, I have loved you for ten years. I love you, not anyone else." Nancy clenched her fists and said secretly in her heart again and again.

Sean frowned deeply.

He looked at Nancy, as if he was thinking about something.

"Nancy." Suddenly, he called her.



Sean shook his head again.

He was abnormal.

For a moment, he felt that the person Nancy mentioned was a little like him.

But soon, he denied it.

He remembered that when they got married, Nancy said that she had loved that person for eight years.

But at that time, they’d only known each other for four years, so that man would never be him.

He was someone else.

After Sean left, Nancy hurriedly went to the trash to find the pregnancy report.

Then she smoothed it out on the table and carefully stored it up.

She felt more uncomfortable, as if every breath was painful. She lay on the bed.

She fell asleep for a long time until the phone rang.

"Hello!" Nancy's voice was soft and nasal because she didn't wake up.

"Are you still sleeping?" Sean's voice was as gentle as ever.

"Umm, I had just wakened."

"It's almost noon. Remember to get up for dinner. I've given the gift to Lawrence. He'll bring it soon."

"A gift? What gift?" After a sleep, Nancy deliberately forgot a lot of things.

"It’s a gift for the second anniversary of our marriage. Although I mentioned divorce this morning, since it hasn't been completed yet, I will remember my identity and fulfill my obligation. You can have whatever others have."

Look, this was Sean Lewis.

He was always so gentle and considerate, as if he was impeccable without a single flaw.

How nice he was!

So nice.

The only bad thing was that he didn't love her.

When she was lost in thought, Sean's deep voice came again, "I still have to say sorry to you. There was a little mix-up about the gift, so I got you another one."

" Alright!" Nancy nodded, unable to tell how she felt.

The two of them were about to divorce. This so-called anniversary gift was somewhat ironic.

After hanging up the phone, no soon had Nancy got up and changed her clothes than Lawrence came.

He respectfully handed the gift to Nancy and said, "Young Madam, this is a gift from Manager Lewis."

" Alright, thank you."

The packing of the gift box was exquisite. Obviously, it was a big brand.

Although Nancy knew that it was not the gift she had expected, she opened it by herself.

When she saw the ruby necklace and earrings, she smiled silently.

Maybe Sean is trying to make up for her.

Because he couldn't give her the gift he liked, he spent a lot of money to buy a set of valuable jewelry.

Last month, she went to a jewelry auction with him. There was a pair of jade earrings that matched perfectly with the jade bracelet that grandfather had given her. The earrings were green and beautiful, and she liked them at the first sight.

Seeing that she liked the jade earrings, Sean said, "If you like it, I'll buy it."

"No, it's too expensive."

After all, they had a contractual marriage. She felt ashamed to spend Sean’s so much money.

"Our second anniversary is coming. Please take it as a gift for you. If you feel awkward, just give me a gift back."

Then she was looking forward to the gift.

She didn't expect that when the divorce was mentioned, even the gift he had prepared in advance went up in smoke.

It seemed that the god also thought that they were destined to be apart.

A gift?

She did prepare a gift for him, but he refused.

Nancy told Lawrence, "I made this cake myself. Can you bring it to him for me?"

Lawrence was stunned, thinking of what Sean had said, "I don't like desserts. If she asks you to bring me cake, you refuse it."

Looking at Nancy, Lawrence felt sorry for her.

After hesitating for a long time, he still told the truth: "Mr. Lewis said that he didn't like sweets. He knows that you like sweets, so you can eat more."

Nancy clenched her fists, almost unable to stand steadily.

After Lawrence left, she went back to her room with the cake in her hands.

Her weak body slid down the door to the ground. Her tears, like drops of water, smashed onto the floor.

Her heart hurt.

She always knew that Sean didn't like cream or sweet cake.

So she made this cake herself. It was low in fat and sugar, only with a faint milk fragrance. It was really not sweet at all.

There was no cream, only cake batter.

But he even refused to have a try.

Nancy opened the cake and looked at the carefully painted family of three. She smiled bitterly.

Then she suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed the cake, eating as if she was crazy.

She lowered her head and ate crazily regardless of her image.

The cake was so big that she vomited halfway.

After vomiting, she picked up the cake and ate again.

She ate while crying.

The salty tears mixed in the cake. She couldn't tell what it tasted like. She only knew that she had to eat it up.

She wasn’t satisfied until she had finished the whole cake.

But then, she vomited and had diarrhea in the bathroom. Her stomach was very painful.

In this world, no one knew that she was allergic to eggs except her mother.

So on her birthday, she only ate cream and never ate cake batter.

But this time, she ate up the whole cake batter.

She told herself that it was the last time that she had been so crazy and desperate for Sean.

After vomiting, she burst into tears.

She tried desperately to cover her lips so that no one outside could hear her.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I failed to keep your dad."

"Dad doesn't love mom. He loves another woman. Although mom wants him to stay, mom can't be so selfish."

"Baby, you must be strong. I can take good care of you alone."

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was Sean.

Nancy immediately wiped her tears, calmed herself down and answered quietly, "Hello."

"Have you received the gift? Do you like it?"

"Yes, I like it very much. Thank you!"

"You look good in red." After a pause, Sean said, "I won't come back tonight."

Suddenly, a soft voice came in. It was Diana’s voice, "Sean. Have you told her? Come on, the candlelight dinner had already..."



Chapter 3 Please don't go. Sleep with me


"Take care of yourself."

Sean hung up the phone in a hurry.

"Sure, I will."

Although he hung up the phone quickly, Nancy still heard Diana’s voice.

She heard “candlelight dinner” clearly.

It was ironic that her husband was having candlelight dinner with another woman on their second anniversary.

Diana really came back!

Although she didn't want to believe it, it was the truth.

It was this fact that made her instantly lose her armor and collapse.

Two years ago, she had lost to Diana completely.

How could she hope that Sean would choose her?

Only because that she was pregnant?

At this moment, Nancy felt lucky that she did not speak it out; otherwise, she would really bring disgrace on herself.

She cried and vented her anger.

Nancy calmed down a lot. Since he had made up his mind, she could do nothing but accept it frankly.

After taking a shower, she lay on the bed.

She tossed and turned for a long time. When she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly received a call from Horace, "Sean is drunk and rowdy, please come and take him home."

Nancy was wondering: Didn't he spend a good night with Diana?

Why did she drink with Horace?

Nancy was about to say, "I'm a little inconvenient. Please find another person to send him back!"

But Horace had already hung up the phone.

When she called him again, his phone was powered off.

Enduring the pain, Nancy got up from the bed, changed her clothes and asked the driver to take her to the club where Sean often went.

The club was very quiet when she arrived.

Sean was so drunk that he was sleeping on the sofa, his long legs crossed and his tie neat. He was as handsome as ever.

It had to be said that there were some people in the world who were perfect, who could maintain a good manner no matter when they were drunk, just like Sean.

When Nancy approached, she felt sick.

She guessed that it might be the early morning sickness.

She tried her best to control herself, looking at Horace, “How did he get so drunk? Wasn’t he with Diana?”

"So, you know that?" Horace satirized her undisguisedly, "Your husband is going to sleep with another woman, and you just let him go?"

Nancy clenched her hands, taking a deep breath, and slowly loosened them.

He replied indifferently, "We have already negotiated a divorce. In fact, he is free except for the divorce certificate. I have no right to control him."

"Oh..." Looking at her with a sneer, he said, "You are so generous."

"Nancy, do you have a heart? How did Sean treat you all these years? He cherished you very much. When he said divorce, you should retain him." Horace was very excited.

Nancy looked at him in astonishment. "I remember that you objected strongly when I married him. Now I'm divorcing him, you should be the happiest one. Why are you even angrier than me?"

"I didn't like you at that time, but since you are married, you should cherish the marriage, instead of taking it as a play. What’s more..."

He paused and said significantly, "You are more suitable for him than Diana."

Nancy called the driver and helped Sean get into the car.

She didn't expect to meet Mark Lewis when she got off the car.

"Dad, why are you here?"

Mark cast a cold glance at Sean, saying, "You've already gotten married, but you are still untactful. It’s a shame to be so drunk."

Nancy immediately smiled, saying, "Dad, it's not his fault. Today is our wedding anniversary. Several friends have gathered together, and everyone toasted me in turns. He took care of me, so he helped me block the wine, drinking double."

Hearing this, Mark's face softened a little. "That's more like it."

Then he handed the gift to Nancy, saying, "This is a gift for your wedding anniversary from grandfather and me. We had something urgent to do, so it's too late. I hope you like it. I also wish you can go hand in hand in the future and love each other forever."

"Thanks for grandfather and you. I like it very much. Thank you for remembering."

Nancy was truly grateful and moved.

"Why don't you open it?" Mark asked.

"As long as it's a gift from grandfather and dad, I like it very much."

"You are particularly pleasing because you are innocent, kind and soft hearted." He looked at Sean and said, "If he betrays you, don't hesitate to tell grandfather and me, and we will support you."

"Thank you. I will always remember." Nancy smiled dazzlingly.

"Then I won't bother you anymore. Rest early."

Nancy handed Sean to the butler and said, "Dad, let me drive you home."

"No, thanks. You still need time to deal with him. Go to bed early after that."

" Alright, dad. Take care!"

It was not easy to get Sean upstairs and prepare the bath water.

When she went out of the bathroom, she found that Sean had fallen asleep on the floor.

Nancy suddenly smiled. It turned out that he was not always gentle and elegant. Sometimes he lost his manner.

She squatted down and poked him, "Sean, get up and take a shower."

"Get up! If you don't get up, I'll leave you alone!"

There was no response.

Nancy sighed and could only help him take off his clothes.

Then she helped him to take a shower in the bathroom.

The body wash, which was rich in milk flavor, was chosen by her. She liked it very much.

But today, she choked and vomited several times when she bathed Sean.

It was not easy for her to bathe him and put him on the bed. Nancy thought she could take a rest.

All of a sudden, Sean turned around, putting his hands around her waist, and whispered, "Please don't go. Sleep with me!"

Nancy felt a warm current, her heart beating uncontrollably.

It felt like when she saw him at the first sight. Her heart was full of sweetness and tenderness.

He had always been confident, elegant and calm. He had never acted like a spoiled child before.

She was so soft hearted that she couldn't bear to push him away.

Well, it was the last night.

If they get divorced tomorrow, they would have no chance to sleep on the same bed.

Let today be her last memory!


She answered softly, lying down on him, and covered them with quilt.

Before falling asleep, her fingers gently drew his eyebrows, his nose, and his lips like a brush.

At last, her fingers fell on his hand, clasping his ten fingers tightly.

Only when he was asleep would she dare to do these things.

In the morning, Nancy was woken up by the vibration of her phone.

She was still a little sleepy. In a daze, she picked up the phone and put it beside her ear. "Hello!"

"You... Are you Nancy?" The woman's stunned voice came from the other end of the line.

It was Diana’s voice.

It was Sean's phone. She took it wrong.

Nancy shivered and immediately sat up from the bed.

She opened her eyes and took a quick look at the phone. Then she handed it to Sean, saying, "Miss Foster is looking for you."



Chapter 4 The divorce was postponed


Sean took the phone, lifted the quilt and walked directly to the window.

They chatted for a few minutes, but Nancy couldn't hear what he was talking about. She only saw that his eyebrows were wrinkled and then unfolded.

After hanging up the phone, Sean came over.

Nancy looked at him with embarrassment, saying, "I took it wrong. Did Foster misunderstand me?"

"I have explained."

After a pause, he looked at Nancy, saying, "We are a couple. It's normal for us to wake up from the same bed."

"Mm." Nancy nodded.

When she was about to get up, Sean suddenly got close to her face and asked, "What's wrong with your face?"

Nancy ran to the mirror, seeing many red pimples on her face. In fact, she’s almost covered in pimples.

She knew that this was the result of yesterday’s egg allergy.

"I am a little allergic. I have taken medicine. The pimples will be cured in a few days." Said Nancy.

"Really?" Asked Sean.

" Mm. Don't worry. They won’t keep us from seeing grandfather."

"Wait a minute. Before I go to see grandfather and ask for a divorce with you, I want to make up and get dressed."

She knew that he couldn't wait for her to ask for a divorce.

Now that there was no alternative, she would not be a little woman who would suffer bitterness and ask for his pity.

She couldn't do such a thing.

Her self-esteem wouldn't allow her to do it.

"Don't go to grandfather’s. Let's go to the hospital to see your face." Said Sean.

Nancy was stunned. "Grandfather has agreed our divorce?"

Sean shook his head.

Then he looked at her and explained, "I'm going to tell you that grandfather is not in good health. He has advanced his eighty-year-old birthday in the following week."

"Grandfather has always been fond of you. If you ask for a divorce now, he won't be able to celebrate this birthday happily. We'll talk about it after his birthday party."

"Alright." Nancy nodded, "Grandfather is the one who loves me the most and treats me the best in the Lewis family. I also hope that he can be happy in his eighty-year-old birthday."

"Are you blaming me for treating you badly?" Sean teased.

Nancy was speechless

After her mother's death, it was grandfather who took her to the Lewis family and gave her a warm and happy family. It was also grandfather who had been taking care of her and supporting her to study.

Without her grandfather, she couldn't imagine what kind of life she had lived in the past few years.

"Don't worry. I will ask for a divorce as soon as grandfather's birthday is over. It won't delay."

Fearing that he might mistake her for buying time by taking advantage of his grandfather's birthday, Nancy immediately promised.

"You seem to be more eager to divorce than me?"

"Why are you so eager to see your old lover?"

Sean rubbed between his eyebrows and somehow felt a little annoyed.

After breakfast, Nancy gave in and was taken to the hospital by Sean.

In the doctor's office.

Nancy sat on the chair, and Sean stood beside her.

She was a little flustered. She didn't expect that Sean would accompany her here.

"Do you know what you're allergic to?"

"I know."

"Then why have you eaten it so much, which made you bad? Have you taken any medicine?"

Nancy shook his head, saying with embarrassment, "No."

"I'll prescribe some medicine first. You go home and take it to see the effect. If you don’t respond to the drug, come to the hospital for injection immediately."

Nancy put her hands on her lower abdomen. She was a little hesitant, worrying that oral medicine would affect the baby in her.

But she couldn't ask the doctor since Sean was standing next to her.

When she was extremely anxious, Sean's phone rang and he went out to answer it.

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief, looking at the doctor, "Doctor, I'm pregnant. Can I take these pills?"

"Why didn't you tell me just now? I'll prescribe the external medicine instead."

"Thank you!"

After leaving the doctor's office, Sean's face changed.

He was no longer gentle as before, but extremely cold.

He endured for a long time. When he reached the window to get the medicine, he finally couldn't help but ask, "You've learned to lie, haven't you?"

Nancy knew that he was talking about cheating him she had taken the medicine.

She lowered her head in a hurry and said apologetically, "Sorry, I didn't mean it."

"Then you’re on purpose."

Nancy was speechless

How powerful his ability was to twist the meaning!

"I'm thinking about divorcing you soon. After we break up, we'll be strangers. There's no need to bother you anymore. I've been bothering you enough in the past two years."

"You know you are a trouble?" said Sean sourly.

Nancy's ears turned red and his heart hurt. He did think he was a burden and a trouble.

But the next moment, Sean's voice sounded.

"You have been a trouble for two years. I don't care about this one more time."

After getting the medicine, Sean was checking the usage and dosage of it. Suddenly, he said, "I remember that the doctor said that you should take oral medicine. Why did it become external medicine?"

Nancy was speechless

It was not a good thing to be too careful.

"External medicine is pretty good too!" said Nancy.

"You have a serious allergy. It’s too slow to treat with external medicine. It's better to take oral medicine. Besides, grandfather's eighty-year-old birthday is coming soon. If the red pimple on your body can't be removed by that time, he may think that I have abused you."

"I will explain to him. And it won't take so long." Nancy promised seriously.

But Sean insisted.

"No, it’s better to change it to an oral medicine, in case you come to have an injection if the external medicine doesn't work."

Then he walked to the doctor's office and was about to ask the doctor to prescribe medicine again.

Nancy touched her forehead and hurried to stop him, "Sean. Wait. I asked the doctor to change the medicine. I suffered from indigestion these days. The oral medicine is not suitable for me."

"It's a little slow to apply the external medicine, but it's also safe, isn't it?"

This reason finally convinced Sean.

He stopped.

In the car, Nancy applied the medicine to her face, legs and arms.

But she couldn't see the back of her neck. Just when she was in a dilemma, Sean said, "Don't ask me for help?"

He was always like that, as if he knew everything, as if he had everything under control.

"Here you are!" Nancy put the medicine in his hand.

All of a sudden, Sean frowned and asked, "You should beg me to do that"

Nancy bit her lips and decided to go the whole hog.

She blinked her charming eyes and said in a soft voice, "Honey, please. I can't apply it. Help me!"



Chapter 5 Diana was Lame


"Nancy, why do you speak in such a tone?"

Before Sean has finished his sentence

All of a sudden, the driver braked sharply.

Nancy was hit into Sean's arms, feeling dizzy.

Fortunately, Sean protected her head with his hands.

The driver kept apologizing, "I'm sorry, Manager Lewis."

"Drive carefully."

After saying this coldly, Sean turned to Nancy and asked, "Why do you speak in such a tone?"

"Honey, you asked me to beg you!"

Nancy continued in a charming and soft voice.

Having been married for so many years, this was almost the first time that she acted like a spoiled child in front of Sean.

In the past, she was afraid that he didn't like this or thought she was too pretentious, so she controlled herself.

Now thinking that they were going to divorce, she became bolder.

Anyway, even if he didn't like it, it was the last time.

"Sit down." Sean looked at Nancy and said.

Nancy immediately sat straight.

"Talk normally in the future." He added.


He seemed to be very dissatisfied with Nancy's answer. "What’s alright? Did you hear me?"

"Yes, I did."

"It's useless to hear it. The key is to remember it."

"Especially, you can't talk to other men in such a tone," said Sean.

After saying that, he couldn't help cursing himself in a low voice, 'Sean, what are you doing?

It was so strange!

You are going to divorce soon. After divorce, she can act like a spoiled child to whoever she wants. Can you control her?

He loosened his tie irritably and felt his breathing easier.

Sean was very gentle and soft when applied the medicine.

His finger lightly rubbed the skin on the back of Nancy's neck, like feathers, making her itch.

His breath fell on her soft ears, which was indescribably flirtatious.

Nancy couldn't help but tremble.

Sean's fingers also trembled.

His eyes were so deep that no one could see his emotions clearly.

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief after the medicine was applied.

At the intersection of traffic lights, Sean suddenly spoke.

"Turn left. Let's go to the shopping mall."

Nancy was confused, "Aren't you going to the company today?"

"Grandfather's birthday is ahead of schedule. We haven't prepared a gift yet."

Hearing his explanation, Nancy immediately understood and nodded, "I'll go with you."

The two of them went straight to the jewelry floor. When they arrived at the shop, they heard a soft voice, "Sean!"

Nancy turned around and saw Diana Foster.

All of a sudden, she was shocked.

She couldn't believe the scene if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

Because she saw clearly that Diana Foster was sitting in a wheelchair.

How could it be?

What happened to her legs?

She had never heard that she was lame. She remembered that she had learned to dance.

Nancy stood there in a puzzle for a long time, as if he had been struck by lightning.

It was not until Sean asked, "Why are you here? The air conditioner is on in the shopping mall. It's so cold to only wear such clothes. Do you feel cold?"

As he spoke, he took off his clothes and put them on Diana Foster.

She looked at Nancy with embarrassment and said, "Actually, I don’t feel cold. He is just too nervous, afraid that I will catch a cold."

Obviously, she said it on purpose.

Nancy lowered his head and said nothing.

Then, Diana Foster turned to Sean and said, "I heard that grandfather's birthday is ahead of schedule, so I want to pick a gift for him. You know what grandfather likes. Now that you're here, could you please choose it with me?"


Diana Foster immediately smiled happily, like a gentle little woman.

"Mary, I'm a little thirsty. Give me my water please."

"Oh, my lady, I'm sorry. Water in the vacuum cup has drunk up. I'll call someone to bring you another bottle of water."

"It will take too long to call someone to do that. I'll fetch some water. Wait here," said Sean.

Then he looked at Nancy and said, "I'll be back soon."

"Alright!" Nancy nodded.

After Sean left, Diana Foster sent Mary away with an excuse.

In an instant, only Diana and she were there.

Nancy moved her lips and was about to say something. But before she could say anything, Diana Foster interrupted her and said, "That's how he is. He always does everything related to me in person."

"I've told him before. In fact, it's okay to hand the things over to his assistant. But Sean said he felt more reassured to do them in person."

Although she didn't want to hear the love between them, these words still echoed in Nancy's mind.

Sean was indeed very considerate.

In their two-year marriage, he hadn't missed any of her birthdays, anniversaries or holidays.

But every time, the celebration was done by Lawrence.

He never did it himself.

However, he fetched hot water to the vacuum cup of Diana Foster in person.

Sure enough, there was no harm without comparison.

Nancy, you've suffered a big lose.

The two of them kept silent for a while. "Have a talk?"

"Alright." Nancy nodded.

Noticing that she was staring at her legs, Diana Foster said, "It seems that you are really ignorant."

Nancy shook his head and said, "I've never heard of it. How could your leg be like this? Why didn't Sean tell me about it?"

"Of course he didn't tell you." Diana Foster said excitedly.

Perhaps because she realized it, she took a deep breath and controlled her emotions immediately. "Sorry, I'm a little excited."

"I'm afraid no one in the Lewis family dares to tell you."


"Grandfather is the absolute authority in the Lewis family. He gave the order in person. Who dares to disobey?"

Seeing that Nancy was confused, she continued.

"The Lewis family has protected you so well, especially your grandfather. Nancy, although you come from a humble family with no background, you are so lucky.

"Grandfather treats you as his own granddaughter, just because your mother saved their lives. Sometimes I even think that if the person who saved them was my mother, would it have been different between Sean and me? Will I marry him as I wish?"

Nancy had a bad feeling.

For some reason, she felt that something she didn't know was being pulled out and emerged.

"What do you mean?"

Nancy was breathing a little fast.

"In the past, grandfather tried his best to betroth you to Sean. However, Sean refused to marry you. The two of them had been in a stalemate for a long time. It could be seen that Sean was young after all, and the power of the Lewis family was in the hands of grandfather. Grandfather forced Sean to marry you in various ways. But in the end, Sean failed to resist and was forced to marry you."

"No, you are lying."

Nancy suddenly resisted violently like a hedgehog.

She couldn't accept that her marriage was a see-saw coercion.

Diana Foster laughed disdainfully, "What I said is the truth. Sean married you back then just to protect me."



Chapter 6 Sean's beautiful lie


"What did you say?"

Nancy couldn't believe it. Her body couldn't help trembling.

She suddenly felt so cold.

A chill was spreading from the soles of her feet to her limbs and bones, making her shiver with cold.

At that time, her grandfather had asked her, "Nancy, if Sean wants to be your boyfriend and marry you, are you willing?"

"Grandfather, did he do it voluntarily?"

At that time, she had known that the man he loved was Diana Foster, so she asked that.

She had told herself that if he was forced by her grandfather, she would never agree, because she didn't want to tie him up with a marriage.

And she didn't want to get him in that way.

"Little fool, I can’t force Sean if he doesn't want to."

Later, she also asked Sean.

She asked him, "Are you willing to marry me voluntarily? I know grandfather loves me very much. I don't want you to marry me because of my grandfather's order. I don't want to baffle you."

How did Sean answer her at that time?

He said, "I’m voluntary to marry you. I have broken up with Diana. We can make a deal. I will try to fall in love with you within three years. If I still can't fall in love with you three years later, we will get a peaceful divorce. Do you agree?"

"I agree!" She smiled brightly at that time.

Sean also asked her, "Why did you agree to marry me? Don't you have someone you like? Are you willing to be bound by marriage? Don't you want to pursue your own love?"

She said she had loved someone for eight years.

Then she shook her head and said, "Forget it."

Since she had become his wife, she has realized a big leap in her life by directly turning love into marriage.

But now, Diana Foster told her that everything was fake.

If what she said was true.

It meant that everyone was lying to her from the very beginning.

A time limit of three years?

Nancy pinched her fingers and suddenly wanted to laugh. It turned out to be a cover, a naked lie.

She had been so moved that tears welled up in her eyes. She had thought that Sean really had forgotten Diana Foster and wanted to start a new life with her.

But it turned out that she was the one who was really a fool.

"Nancy, you are so naive. I am the one Sean loves deeply, how could he be willing to marry you? Do you know why he proposed the agreement of three years? He wanted you to propose for divorce without any reason three years later, so that he could be free and then come back to marry me."

"He knows that grandfather won't agree to the divorce unless you mention it to him."

"In order to be with me, he really spent a lot of energy, and even... set this beautiful trap."

What she said made Nancy feel like she was in an ice cellar.

She was so cold.

If these were all fake.

Was he acting all day and night?

And those nights.

Was it all fake that he hugged her affectionately and hugged her,

Was nothing true?

Nancy felt very sad. She suddenly felt that she was like a contemptible scoundrel, extremely stupid.

That was why Sean fooled her by setting up a chain.

"I don't believe it unless you tell me how grandfather forced him."

Nancy clenched her fists. She knew Sean too well after getting along with him for so long.

According to his temperament, if there was no important chip, even if grandfather put the knife on his neck, he wouldn't have yielded.

Diana Foster laughed mockingly.

"Nancy, you are still stubborn. Since you want to know so much, I'll tell you."

"Because grandfather threatened him that if he didn't marry you, grandfather would send me abroad. In his life, he would never see me again. Although we couldn't be together, he compromised for us to meet again."

Nancy bit her lips. She felt terrible.

She was too sad to say a word.

However, Diana Foster didn't set her free. She continued to attack, "As for my leg, do you still remember that on the day of your wedding, Sean received a phone call and almost left?"


It was her wedding, of course she remembered.

"Because I had a car accident on the way to your wedding. I almost died. I was rescued for a whole day and barely survived, but my legs are disabled."

No wonder he left in a hurry as soon as the wedding was over.

She also asked him if something happened in the company.

He said that his friend had a car accident and he wanted to take care of her. He said that his grandfather didn't allow him to do so, so he asked her to help cover it up.

She remembered that her grandfather had called her at that time and asked, "Nancy, is Sean at home with you."

"Yes, he is with me."

She foolishly hid it for him.

He hadn’t come back all night on their wedding night.

But it turned out that he had accompanied another woman on that night.

In the next few days, he went out early and came back late, being very tired.

But he never told her that the friend he referred to was "Diana Foster"!

What if she knew?

Nancy smiled bitterly. Even if she knew, she would still help him hide the truth.

He loved him so much and didn't want him to be scolded by his grandfather!

"So why do you tell me this now?"

Looking at her, Nancy suddenly resisted like a hedgehog protecting itself.

"Do you want to tell me that it's all my fault and it’s me who made you lame?"

"Nancy, you ask yourself, isn't it?" Diana Foster said excitedly.

"If it weren't for you, grandfather wouldn't have forced Sean to marry you. And I wouldn't have had a car accident on the way to your wedding because of my distraction. My legs wouldn't have been disabled."

"If it weren't for you, I would have married Sean. We might have had some children."

Nancy tried her best to control herself.

After a while, she raised her head and replied calmly, "It's not caused by me. You just found a reasonable excuse and a substitute for your lameness."

"I believe in grandfather. He loves me very much, but he must have his reason for not letting you be with Sean. If you really meet the standard of a granddaughter in law in grandfather's heart, no one could change the position of your position of granddaughter in law."

"As you said, grandfather has done so many things to separate you and Sean. It only proves that there is something wrong with you."

"Although I'm not a rich lady, I won't allow you to bully me. Don't try to criminalize me."

"No one invited you to our wedding, and no one asked you to drive while intoxicated."

Nancy said these words in a loud voice.

There was no flaw.

Diana Foster looked at Nancy in disbelief.

After two years, she had never thought that the little girl who had followed Sean carefully, blushed easily, and even spoke softly, would suddenly become so aggressive.

"Do you think I will be absent when my beloved one gets married?"

"Your beloved one?" Nancy sneered, "Diana, I know many things that Sean didn’t know. Don't force me to reveal all the dirty things you did in the past."

"Nonsense! I'm innocent. How could you frame me like that?"

She stumbled and fell from the wheelchair.

At this time, Sean came back.

He put down the vacuum cup and gently held up her. He pinched between his eyebrows and asked coldly, "Who can tell me what happened?"



Chapter 7 Nancy said She Wouldn't Divorce


Nancy bit his lips and said nothing.

"What happened, Diana?"

Diana suddenly looked pathetic, "Sean, don't blame Nancy. It's all my fault. I wanted to stand up, but it turned out that I couldn't."

"That’s it?" Sean looked at Nancy.

Nancy still kept silent.

"Your legs haven't recovered yet. Why do you want to stand up all of a sudden?" asked Sean, looking at Diana Foster

"I'm so sorry, because..." she cried out anxiously, "Because I was too excited. Just now, Nancy said... She said that she wouldn't mention divorce with grandfather and she wouldn't divorce you even if she died."

"Don't frame me. I didn’t say that"

It was the first time that Nancy had been so hostile and out of control in front of Sean.

"Have you said that?" Sean looked at her coldly.

"If you don't believe me, I can mention divorce to grandfather now." Nancy spread out her hands, showing an indifferent attitude.

Sean rubbed between his eyebrows and sighed.

"Diana, I know you are worried. You want me to divorce right now, but we have made a deal. Grandfather is not in good health now. We can talk about the divorce after his birthday."

"If you can't wait these days, I'm sorry. I have to choose grandfather between you and him."

Hearing this, Diana panicked.

She reached out and pulled the hem of Sean's clothes. She said pitifully, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"I shouldn't have quarreled with you because of this that night."

"I'm just too anxious. I'm afraid that a long delay may cause trouble. I'm afraid that you won't be willing to divorce her. I'm more afraid that you will abandon me."

As she spoke, Diana reached out and hugged Sean.

Nancy's eyes widened. In broad daylight, she, a mistress, held her husband directly without feeling ashamed.

Just as she was about to speak, a cold voice suddenly interrupted her.

"How immoral it is! When can a mistress be so unreasonable with another woman's husband in her arms?"

This voice?

As soon as Nancy turned around, Sean said, "Mom, why are you here?"

"Why can't I come here? I visited the shopping mall as usual, but I saw something immoral. I wanted to stop it, but I didn't expect that it was my son who did it?"

Susan snorted and said aggressively.

"Mom, it's not Diana’s fault. She didn't do it on purpose, and..."

Before Sean could finish his words, he was interrupted by Susan.

"If I don't blame her, then it's your fault. A married man hugged another woman. Don't say you’re my son when you go out later."

Susan always hated home wreckers.

"Keep your hands away. If I find that you have another woman in your arms except for your wife, don't enter the Lewis family."

Susan said without hesitation.

Every word was exactly on the point.

Standing aside, Nancy suddenly felt that she was too insignificant in front of her mother-in-law.

At this moment, she really wanted to shout, "Mother-in-law is domineering and powerful."

But she was still surprised.

After getting married, she didn't go back to the Lewis family many times. Every time she went back was to see her grandfather.

As for her mother-in-law, they had only met a few times.

In her impression, her mother-in-law was a very cold woman. She had always been cold to her and didn't talk much to her. So Nancy always thought that her mother-in-law didn't like her.

She also comforted herself, "Sure. A girl from a rich family like my mother-in-law must have a daughter-in-law from a rich family. A girl from a poor family like me definitely won't attract her attention."

It was because of this recognition that Nancy never bothered her mother-in-law when she did not look for Nancy.

She didn't expect that her mother-in-law would help her vent her anger.

Sometimes, you have to believe that everything has its vanquisher.

A woman like Diana Foster has to be dealt with by her mother-in-law.

Clenching her fists, Diana Foster tried to explain, "Auntie Susan, you're right. It’s my fault."

"You’re not incurable since you know you're wrong."

"I just came back. I heard that grandfather's birthday was going to be held. I want to prepare a gift for him. Sean knows his preferences, so I brought him here. Don't blame him."

"Have a good rest. Of course I’ll blame him for not keeping his wife company. And..."

Susan looked at her with sharp eyes, "I don't remember that my dad has invited you. You don't have to pick out a gift."

"Mom, stop it. I invited her." Sean couldn't help but ask.

"Shut up!" Susan glared at him.

Then she said, "It's grandfather's birthday, not yours. When can you make the decision for your grandfather? If you want to invite her, you can do it on your own eighty-year-old birthday."

Diana Foster’s face was as pale as a piece of paper.

At this time, Susan put on a gentle smile and said, "What my father likes is treasured and expensive. Although the Foster family is a little rich, it is not worth mentioning in front of our Lewis family."

"Thank you for your concern, Auntie Susan. Don't worry. Although the Foster family is not as good as before, we can still afford it."

"Really?" Susan was aggressive, "I believe the Foster family. Although it has declined, it still has some money. But in your family, your sister, Rachel Foster, should be more favored."

"Since you’re lame, you won’t dance anymore. Your status in the Foster family is much lower than before. I don't think you have much pocket money. You'd better keep it for yourself rather than spend it on useless things."

"What's more, if you buy a gift, how can you support yourself if the Foster family won't reimburse you?"

"Or do you want Sean to spend the money?"

Susan's series of words shocked Nancy.

It made her excited.

Diana Foster had tried her best to hold back her anger, but now she couldn't.

"Auntie, I have always respected you, so I always speak with respect. But your words hurt me too much."

"No matter how declined the Foster family is, even if I don't have any pocket money, we’re still richer than Nancy’s family. Nancy's parents don't have any money, and they even ask for money from the Lewis family. What about her? How can she buy the gift?"



Chapter 8 She Must be Pregnant


Susan sneered.

What a bitch.

Unfortunately, she was just a contemptible scoundrel in front of her.

"Nancy is Sean's wife, the daughter-in-law of the Lewis family. What do you think qualifies you as her??"

"It's perfectly justified for her to spend Sean’s money. She had the whole Lewis family’s money at her disposal. She can use as much as she wants."

"As for the gift, even if she gives grandfather an ordinary leaf, he’ll love it and keep it as a treasure. But even if you give grandfather a golden leaf, he won't appreciate it. You are bringing shame on yourself!"

As soon as she opened her mouth, Sean grabbed her wrist and tipped Nancy a wink.

Nancy felt bitter in her heart.

But she still held Susan's arm and said, "Mom, I'm picking up a gift for grandfather. Now that you're here, please help us choose one!"

Nancy smiled brightly and said in a soft tone.

Susan's voice softened. "Actually, I don't have much to consult. Grandfather is not short of anything. Don't you know what he wants?"

First release address

Nancy did know what her grandfather wanted. But she knew that Sean didn’t want it.

So she had to pretend to be ignorant in front of her mother-in-law.

Susan looked at Sean directly, "Don't tell me you don't know that grandfather wants a great grandson the most."

It would be fine if she didn't mention it. But when it came to this, Susan got annoyed.

"Two years have passed, but Nancy hasn't had a child. If it goes on like this, I will doubt you."

Nancy was speechless

She suspected her own son.

If it were any other mother-in-law, she would definitely blame Nancy for not having a child.

Therefore, Nancy immediately felt warm in his heart.

"Mom, this is a public place. Please save my face." Sean rubbed between his eyebrows and looked distressed.

"I also want you to save my face. You know, every time when those rich ladies ask me if I have a grandson, I am embarrassed."

Nancy was embarrassed.

Her face turned red.

"In the past, I always thought that you were young and wanted to give you more time, so I never intervened."

"But this time, Sean, listen to me carefully. I give you three months. If Nancy wasn’t pregnant, I’ll hold you solely responsible."

"Mom, you are forcing me. Can you be reasonable?" Sean's face was gloomy.

"Yes, I do. If Nancy can't get pregnant in three months, you must go to the hospital for examination."

"Keep an eye on him for these months. If he doesn't take the initiative and doesn't cooperate, report to me at any time," she added, looking at Nancy

Nancy blushed and nodded, "Alright, mom."

Diana Foster was so embarrassed.

She bit her lips pitifully and clenched her fists. She was angry and sad.

If she hadn't tried her best to hold back her anger, she would have blurted out that Sean and Nancy were going to divorce.

Both Sean and Diana Foster breathed a sigh of relief when Susan left.

"Sean, are you really going to have a child with her?"

Diana Foster looked at Sean pitifully. How weak she was.

Nancy bit his lips in silence.

Maybe men liked weak and pitiful women, which fully aroused their desire to protect.

Even the extraordinary Sean couldn't avoid vulgarity.

"No, I won't," Sean answered decisively.

"Since we have decided to divorce, I won't leave this hidden trouble."

Hearing this, Diana Foster breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she turned to look at Sean, lifted her hair and said gently, "Sean, let's go shopping. I want to buy some clothes."

All of a sudden, the time seemed to have been fixed.

Looking at the jade earrings on her ears, Nancy stood there in a puzzle.

She couldn't tell how she felt, but she just felt very sad.

She looked at Diana Foster and said in a soft voice, "Can you tell me where you bought the earrings?"

Sara lifted her hair again, revealing her earrings generously, and said with a smile, "You mean this?"

"Umm." Nancy clenched her fists.

"It’s not bought by me. I saw these earrings in Sean’s place the other day. It looked very beautiful. I liked it very much, so he gave it to me."

Biting her lips, Nancy felt a pang of pain in her heart.

It turned out that this was the "little mix-up" that Sean said.

She thought there was something wrong with the gift. It turned out that Diana Foster liked it and he gave it to her.

However, he had promised to give it to her. He gave it to Diana Foster generously just because she said "I like it".

That's the difference between love and not love.


As soon as Sean opened his mouth, Nancy interrupted him immediately, "Stop. I understand."

Since he had done it, there was no need to explain.

Enduring the pain, she asked indifferently, "Shall we pick up a gift for our grandfather?"

"Next time. It's not convenient for Diana today. I'll accompany her. I'll ask the driver to send you home."


Sitting in the car, Nancy looked at the scenery outside the car. but her mood had fallen to the bottom of the valley.

"A great grandson?"

She murmured, gently putting her hands on her belly, tightly protecting it.

Over the years, they didn't have many intercourses. Almost every time, Sean would use condoms.

Besides, he also asked her to take some long-term contraceptives.

Therefore, the two of them had been using dual contraception.

In this case, the chance of being pregnant was really very small.

If the doctor hadn't told her that she was pregnant, she wouldn't have believed it.

But Sean said the child was a hidden trouble

This time, her heart hurt.

In his eyes, their child was just a hidden trouble.

Nancy covered her face and couldn't help crying.

As soon as she got home, she received a call from her mother-in-law.

"Are you back home?" Susan came straight to the point.

"Yes, I just arrived."

"Alright, I'll go to your place in ten minutes."

Nancy was about to say something when Susan hung up the phone.

If she remembered correctly, this was the first time that her mother-in-law came to the new home that belonged to her and Sean except when they got married.

Nancy was a little nervous and quickly ordered the servants to make preparation.

Nancy didn't know much about her mother-in-law, so she called Sean to ask about her mother-in-law's preferences.

"Hello, Sean!"

"Nancy, it's me."

Nancy's voice trembled when she heard Diana Foster.

Enduring the bitterness in her heart, she continued, "Where is Sean? I have something to talk to him about."

"I'm sorry. It's not convenient for him now. I'll ask him to call you back later."

Then Diana Foster hung up the phone.

Holding the phone, Nancy was in a puzzle.

If she remembered correctly, it was him who said that as long as they were not divorced, he would pay attention to his own discretion and remember his identity.

But now, what was the point of him staying with Diana Foster?

It seemed that he couldn't wait any longer.

If it weren't for grandfather, they would have got the divorce certificate this morning and become two strangers completely.

Because she didn't know much about her mother-in-law's preferences, Nancy finally asked the servants to prepare everything.

Coffee, tea, fruits, cakes, nuts... She had prepared everything she had at home.

Even the lunch was ready.

Both Chinese food and Western food were prepared.

After that, Nancy waited for Susan at home.

Hearing the knock, Nancy opened the door in person.

She greeted Susan with a smile and said politely, "Mom, welcome..."

Before she could finish her words, Nancy covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom to vomit.



Chapter 9 Mother-in-law Saw Nancy's Morning Sickness


Nancy felt better after vomiting back and forth several times.

She took a deep breath, washed her face and tidied up before going out.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I wasn’t on my best behavior just now."

Nancy looked at Susan who was sitting on the sofa and felt very embarrassed.

Susan just smiled, "Nothing serious."

Then he beckoned her to sit down. Nancy immediately sat beside her carefully.

Because of nervousness, her heart was beating fast, with her breath being a little unstable. But this was not the most important. She was afraid that her mother-in-law would ask her about "vomiting".

But what a coincidence!

The next moment, her mother-in-law's voice rang in her ear, "What happened just now? I saw that you vomited a lot. Shall we go to the hospital?"

Gosh! Nancy exclaimed. She was really afraid of this question.

"Mom, I'm fine. I just accidentally ate an egg. I've been allergic these two days."

Nancy tried her best to speak in a natural tone without any flaws.

"Be careful next time. Allergy is somewhat serious." Susan said carefully, not thinking too much.

"Sure, mom. I'll be careful next time."

Then Susan came straight to the point.

"If my memory serves me right, yesterday was the second anniversary of your marriage."

"Umm!" Nancy nodded obediently.

"People will meet all kinds of people in their lives. Some people will never meet in their lives; some people will only meet by chance. It's not easy to be a couple. Since you have got the marriage certificate, you should cherish this fate."

"It's said that it's better to demolish ten temples than to ruin a marriage. Since you still love him, you have to spend some time and seize him. As for Diana Foster, you needn't be afraid of her. Nobody in the Lewis family likes her, and no one will allow her to be a member of our family. We always support you."

Nancy's eyes welled up with tears.

Although her mother had passed away for many years and her father had never given her any love, she was lucky to marry into the Lewis family.

They didn’t dislike her; instead, they loved her, doted on her, and protected her.

She couldn't repay this favor in her life.

"Mom, I know. I will cherish it."

"Really?" Susan suddenly looked at her with sharp eyes. "I think you don't know. If you knew it, you wouldn't have mentioned divorce so easily."

"Don't think that I don't know what's on your mind. Your grandfather's eighty-year-old birthday is coming, and he is in poor health. If you dare to do anything to irritate him, I will never forgive you. Dispel all of your ideas."

Nancy suddenly raised her head and looked at her in disbelief. "Mom, how... how do you know?"

Nancy's voice was as low as a mosquito at last.

She lowered her head and didn't dare to face her mother-in-law at all.

With a sigh, Susan said, "It doesn't matter why you married Sean. Now that you have married and have the marriage certificate, you are a couple. Since you are a couple, you should cherish it. I hope you can give me a grandson as soon as possible, so that I can also be proud."

Before leaving, Susan added, "Don't think too much. Just live a good life. I hope you can dispel this idea when we meet next time."

Then she left without eating anything.

Sitting on the sofa, Nancy hesitated for a long time and wondered if she should call Sean.

She wondered if she should tell him that her mother-in-law had already known that they were going to divorce.

She was so sleepy that she fell asleep on the sofa.

As soon as Susan left Nancy's house, she called Sean. "I'll arrive at the old house in half an hour. I want to see you when I get there."

"Mom, I'm still outside," said Sean unwillingly.

"I know. You’re going shopping with Diana Foster. If you don't come, I'll go to the mall to find Diana Foster. If she makes a fool of herself at that time, don't blame me for being merciless. It's up to you!"

"I’ll come."

Before Sean could finish his words, Susan hung up the phone.

"Diana, you can hang around first. When you finish, I'll ask the driver to send you home." Sean said gently.

Diana Foster immediately sensed that something was wrong. "Sean, are you leaving?"

"Yes, something urgent."

"Alright, you go first. I will take good care of myself and not let you worry about me."


When Sean was about to turn around, Diana Foster suddenly said, "Sean, wait!"

"What's wrong?"

She slid over the wheelchair, stretching out her hands, her delicate fingers adjusting Sean’s necktie bit by bit.

"Well, my tie was a little crooked just now."

"Thank you!"

Looking at the back of Sean, Mary muttered, "Miss Foster, why don't you stop him?"

"Because he had given me an alert today."

"What alert?"

"The day before yesterday, we had a quarrel because of the postponement of their divorce, and he was very unhappy. Today we also quarreled because of that. I should give him more time and trust him. If I push him too hard, it will be counterproductive."

"Miss Foster, aren't you afraid that he will fall in love with his wife?"

The look in Diana Foster’s eyes became complicated.

After a long time, she said, "Of course I'm afraid of that."

"But then I comforted myself that he didn’t fall in love with her in their two-year marriage. It's only one week. I don't think their relationship will advance by leaps and bounds in this week!"

"I've been abroad for two years. I've endured it for more than 700 days. I can't let all my previous efforts be wasted just because of these seven days. I have to calm down."

When Sean arrived at the old house of the Lewis family, he found that Susan was already waiting for him in the study.

At about five o'clock in the afternoon when the sun was setting.

The orange evening glow tinted the sky. Looking out of the window, Susan could see the beautiful scenery of the setting sun. This was her favorite moment.

There was a faint fragrance lingering in the antique room.

On the tea table next to her, there was a cup of tea, exuding fresh and seductive fragrance.

When Sean pushed the door open, Susan had just finished making tea.

He sat on the other side of the tea table, picking up the teacup and smelling it. "Mom, the tea you made is still so fragrant!"

"So what? Your father likes the tea made by Jane. He said that the tea made by her is full of romance, while the tea made by me is dull."

"Mom." Sean frowned and said, "Don’t mention her"

"Why? She is your father's old flame, why don't you allow me to mention her. You can take your old flame wandering around. Sean Lewis, you're really good!"

"Have you ever considered Nancy? Is she ironclad? Won't you be ashamed?"



Chapter 10  Nancy Had a Stomachache and Bled


The three consecutive questions from Susan annoyed Sean.

Pulling his tie, he said in a low voice, "Mom, Nancy is very calm. It's not as serious as you said."

"Isn’t it serious?"

Trying to calm herself down, she looked at Sean again and said, "Your grandfather doesn't know about it yet. If he knows, he’ll peel you off. Take care of yourself."

"Besides, don't think that I can't see through your mind. Since you want to hide it, just hide it well. Your grandfather has been in poor health recently. If your grandfather finds out anything wrong, I will also peel you off even if you are my son."

"Don't think that we will agree to your divorce as long as you ask Nancy to mention it. I advise you to give up the idea as early as possible. You are my son, and I know what you’re thinking about."

"Diana Foster is not as simple as you think. She left resolutely two years ago and came back humbly today. Do you know what her intent is?"

Sean was drinking water, his heart had already been surging.

How could his mother know all these things?

On the way home, Sean sat in the car without saying a word.

Even the driver sitting in the front row held his breath carefully.

"Nancy?" As soon as he got home, Sean called her name directly. His whole body was covered with a layer of hidden anger.

"Where is she?"

As he finished his words, he saw Nancy on the sofa.

When he approached, Nancy just woke up.

Seeing him coming back, Nancy immediately rubbed her eyes and said sleepily, "You're back? By the way, I have something to tell you. It seems that mom knows that we're going to divorce."

"Didn't you tell her?" Sean asked angrily.

Nancy was confused by his question.

It took her a long time to come to her sense. She looked at the man in front of her in disbelief and asked, "What do you mean? Do you mean that I told mom that we were going to divorce?"

"Isn't it?"

"Of course not."

Sean sneered, his deep eyes becoming sharp and cold.

Such coldness pierced into Nancy's heart, which was even more painful than a knife. "I only told you about it. If not you, who? If you don't want to divorce, you can tell me. Why did you play such a trick? I said that I would meet all your demands. Even if you want money and property to be divided equally, I will agree."

For a moment, Nancy felt that she seemed to have forgotten to breathe. Her mind was blank.

She opened her mouth, only to find that she couldn't say a word.

Her heart hurt when she was misunderstood by him like this.

"So you have nothing to say?"

Sean's contempt made her heart hurt.

After a long time, she calmed down and said, "So you mean that I did so much for your money and your property?"

"What else?" Sean looked at her coldly and said, "Or you don't want to divorce at all. You promised me superficially, and secretly told it to my mother and grandfather. Nancy, you really did a good job. I can't help clapping my hands."

"So that's how you think of me?"

Nancy smiled to herself and lowered her eyes.

Well, so tired.

She didn't want to explain anymore.

She didn't want to defend herself.

Anyway, they were going to divorce after her grandfather's birthday. After that, they would never contact each other.

"For what you have done, what do you want me to think of you?"

"What about you? Why did you marry me?"

Although Nancy had already known the reason, she still stubbornly wanted an answer.

She wanted to hear him tell her personally.

Sean kept silent, which made her even more uncomfortable. "Why don't you say something?"

"You said that you were willing to marry me. You are so willing to sacrifice your marriage for your ex-girlfriend and use yourself as a bait to let me jump into your trap. Sean, I’m in awe of you for your willingness."

"Say something!" Nancy couldn't help but shout out.

It was a long silence.

The air between the two was suffocating.

Nancy took a deep breath. She suddenly felt that even the breath was painful, as if a knife had been sucked into her throat.

"Why don't you explain?" Nancy smiled sadly.

"Because you can't explain it at all."

She answered her own question. Her heart hurt very much.

"I'm sorry!"

In the end, she could only wait for these words.

"Oh... I'm sorry!" Nancy murmured. Her tears almost came out as she laughed.

What a good “sorry”!

This sentence was omnipotent.

It seemed that no matter what he did, he could answer with these three words.

She felt terrible.

She felt painful and terrible.

Her belly was as painful as a spasm.

Soon, she felt her private part wet and sticky.

Thinking of something, Nancy's face turned deathly pale.

If she didn't feel it wrong, she should have been bleeding, very much.

"Baby, don't scare me. You must be safe!"

"Don't be in danger."

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't protect you well!"

Nancy felt extremely guilty.

Seeing her pale face, Sean hurriedly asked, "What's wrong with you? You look so terrible. I'll take you to the hospital."

"You don't have to pretend to be kind."

Nancy suddenly pushed his hands away.

The pain in her belly became more and more severe.

And she felt that her private part was still bleeding.

It was said that child was the most unstable in the first three months of pregnancy. In these three months, it was very easy to miscarry.

Thinking of this, Nancy immediately regretted it.

Although she was angry with him, the child was the most important now. She shouldn't be angry with him.

Nancy tried hard to open her mouth and was about to speak.

All of a sudden, she could see nothing. Her body fell back without any signs.


Fortunately, Sean reacted quickly and caught her.

"Nancy, wake up!"

Holding her in his arms, Sean went downstairs, asking someone to keep engines on standby.

When Nancy woke up, the car had just stopped at the hospital. Sean rushed to the emergency room with her in his arms.

He was very anxious. Because he ran too fast, his face was full of sweat. He was not as handsome and elegant as he used to be, but looked a little embarrassed and messy.

If only he was really nervous about her.

Unfortunately, it was just out of apology.

When Nancy entered the emergency room, the dazzling light above her head suddenly turned on. Nancy didn't close her eyes. She opened her eyes wide, tears rolling down her cheeks.

When the doctor came in, Nancy grabbed his hand and cried, "I'm pregnant. Please save my child."

Seeing the blood flowing out of her body, the doctor said with difficulty, "I will try my best, but you have to be mentally prepared. The chance of saving the child is very low."

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